Delete Your Data

First, you’ll submit a form and verify your email address. Next, we’ll delete the information we have on you if we’re able to find any.

What kind of information do you have about me?

We collect data when you use our products and services, such as by browsing our websites, downloading our mobile apps, or playing our games. For example, we collect information about your actions and transactions. Sometimes we supplement this information with information from third parties.

Why do you have this information?

Your information helps us create better, more personalized products and services. For example, we use your information to optimize your gaming experience and personalize content recommendations. It also helps us customize offers tailored to your interests, such as information about an upcoming movie or programming that you may love. Sometimes we work with third parties to provide these offerings.

How do I submit a Delete request?

You may delete your personal information here.

When you submit a delete request, you are requesting your information be deleted from all of Wizarding World Digital.

Please note that not all personal information will be deleted.  We need to keep certain information for important business functions, including the following data.

What data is not deleted?

We may retain certain personal information where we need it for things like providing services you requested, protecting against fraud or enhancing security, responding to law enforcement, or other internal uses permitted by law. If we keep your information for these or other permitted purposes, we won’t use it for anything else.

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